Staying Connected in a Remote Workplace

~Session Details~

Tuesday, August 2nd | 2:50 PM-4:20 PM

This session will discuss best strategies for how teams can stay connected while working remotely.

~Session Speakers~

Robert Calvin



Robert Calvin (“RC”) is an Associate with KPMG LLP’s Trade & Customs practice located in Chicago, IL.  Robert has a wealth of experience in supply chain and trade, with a focus on tariff mitigation and duty recovery. RC is fascinated with LinkedIn’s power to influence, and the amazing network it fosters.  Alongside a national team of 200+ people, RC assists multinational clients with all aspects of US and global international trade including trade compliance, export control and sanctions, global trade automation, customs audits, US and global cost planning, foreign trade zones, tariff recovery, tariff planning, trade data analytics, and first sale for export implementation. 

Virginia Thompson

Senior Product Manager

Thomson Reuters

Virginia Thompson is a Senior Product Manager at Thomson Reuters, a leading provider of global trade management solutions. Ms. Thompson is responsible for advancing Import/Export solutions globally to ensure market and regulatory needs are met. Prior to joining the software industry, Ms. Thompson had over 20 years of experience managing the global transportation and trade compliance operations of a major U.S. retailer. Throughout her career, she has enjoyed identifying and implementing profitable ways to solve supply chain challenges while also maintaining the highest standards of customer service and compliance. She brings this experience to Thomson Reuters in order to ensure that solutions remain focused around bringing value to the importer/exporter.