Centers of Excellence and Expertise: Maximizing Engagement

~Session Details~

Tuesday, August 2nd | 2:50 PM-4:20 PM

This session will discuss how to deepen connections and engagement within the centers of excellence.

~Session Speakers~

Lenny Feldman, Esq.

Senior Partner

Sandler, Traivs, & Rosenberg, P.A.

Lenny Feldman, Esq. is a Senior Partner of Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, P.A., where he serves on the Firm’s Operating Committee. Lenny also currently serves as Customs and General Counsel to the National Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association of America (NCBFAA). He previously served as Co-Chair of the 15th Commercial Customs Operations Advisory Committee (COAC) and as Co-Chair of the 14th COAC’s Trade Modernization Subcommittee. Lenny innovatively and effectively advises customs brokers, freight forwarders, importers, exporters and carriers to develop and adopt best practices and compliance programs in the import and export context and to efficiently resolve enforcement issues.

Mark Shacklette

Vice President, Global Customs and Trade Compliance


Mark Shacklette is Vice President, Global Customs and Trade Compliance for UPS Supply Chain Solutions. He directly oversees Customs Brokerage Compliance and Trade Compliance for the U.S. and works closely with the UPS global brokerage operations in the various regions.  His team oversees the U.S. Brokerage and Forwarding audits and also works with the global Customs and Brokerage audit program.  

Mark’s career at UPS began in 1987, and he has spent 32 of his 33 years with the Customs Brokerage function, starting in Louisville KY, followed by seven years in California, before transferring back to Louisville. During his career, he has spearheaded integration efforts with numerous acquisitions including Fritz, Menlo, the Miles Group, Zone Solutions and STTAS.  

Africa Bell, CBP