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Planned Topics

Trade Remedy Tariffs:  Understanding Shared Liability

Geopolitical Update Affecting Export Sanctions

Forced Labor Prevention Act: “What Does It Mean To You?”

Bonding 2.0: Intricacies of Bonding in Today’s Dynamic Environment

Customs Valuation and Transfer Pricing

Strategies to Minimize Duty Liability

Harmonized System: “What’s New in ’22?”

Export Licensing and Documentation: Process and Protections

Staying Connected in a Remote Workplace

ACE for Exports:  Minimizing Potential Penalties

Common Export Control Pitfalls and How to Avoid Along with Emerging Industries

Challenges and Opportunities of E-Commerce

Tariff Engineering 2022

Best Practices for Export Compliance

Advanced Drawback Strategies

Apparel and USMCA: “Has it Been Steady as She Goes?”

Trade Data Integrity and Analytics:  Using Data Smartly

Binding Rulings:  Understanding the Best Strategy for Using

AD/CVD and Enforce and Protect Act (EAPA)

Centers of Excellence and Expertise:  Maximizing Engagement

CTPAT: “Is it Evolving?”